How do I join?

It's easy! Simply register online or at any Original Levi’s® store in Malaysia.

Is there a membership fee?

Membership is free and open to everyone.

What are the various membership tiers?

All members begin as a Levi’s® Original member and are upgraded to a Levi’s® Indigo member after you have met the minimum qualifier at Original Levi’s® stores in Malaysia Tier Benefits

Why do you need my MyKad?

Your MyKad is requested during membership application. It will be inserted into a JPN-approved card reader to access government-approved basic information – Name, NRIC number, Address and Gender only – to be stored in our membership database. By presenting your MyKad, we can quickly identify you and this helps to speed up your purchase process each time you shop at Levi’s.

What are rivets?

Our program is inspired from Levi’s® products. Rivets are points that are earned for every MYR1 you spend.

How do I know how many rivets I have?

Login and update your account to receive your monthly balance statement on rivets and transactions.

Do my rivets expire?

Rivets have validity of 12 months (365 days) from date of collection.

Can I accumulate e-vouchers for one purchase?

E-Vouchers are valid per 1 transaction only and non-cumulative.

I signed up for a membership in Malaysia, can I use my rivets in other countries?

No. Your Levi’s® rivets are only valid for the membership program in the country where you have signed up.

Is there a membership card?

No, there is no digital card, but members can register with their MyKad.

What about my previous Levi’s® LOOP membership?

As this is a new program, previous Levi’s® LOOP members will need to register for a new membership.